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  • Yu Wadi Guest HouseYu Wadi Guest HouseStar10Star10Star10Star10Star00Description: License Number: T-0441,Room Number :27
  • Yangon Regency MotelYangon Regency MotelStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: License Number: T-0445,Room Number :45
  • Shwe Pyi Tha MotelShwe Pyi Tha MotelStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: License Number: T-0454,Room Number :20
  • Goodliff Guest HouseGoodliff Guest HouseStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: Located in Bahan, Goodliff Guesthouse is a absolute starting point from which to analyze Yangon. The Hotel offers guests a ambit of casework and amenities advised to accommodate abundance and convenience. Chargeless Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour foreground ...

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