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  • Shwe Mandalay HotelShwe Mandalay HotelStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: License Number: H-0494,Room Number :10
  • Great Wall HotelGreat Wall HotelStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: Stop at Abundant Wall Hotel to ascertain the wonders of Mandalay. Alms a array of accessories and services, the Hotel provides all you charge for a acceptable night's sleep. Chargeless Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, accessibility store, circadian h ...
  • Mandalay City HotelMandalay City HotelStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: Mandalay City-limits Hotel is calmly amid in the accepted Central Mandalay area. The Hotel offers guests a ambit of casework and amenities advised to accommodate abundance and convenience. To be begin at the Hotel are chargeless Wi-Fi in all rooms, auto s ...
  • Yupa Mandalar HotelYupa Mandalar HotelStar00Star00Star00Star00Star00Description: License Number: H-0526,Room Number :46

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